Staff Waste

Waste Prevention – the WISE way to cut costs and carbon emissions

Waste is a major problem for hospitality because unlike other carbon emissions categories, waste is primarily driven by human behaviours and so technologies alone cannot solve the challenge. People often focus on reducing waste by looking at how best to dispose of waste i.e., to recycle. But this still traps waste within your operations and costs money! There can be a better way to cut waste from the start…

Industry Reports

Hospitably firms save 12-30% energy through conserving behaviours: 2019 UNEP One Planet Programme report

Implementing conserving resource strategies is proving to be a sound approach to reducing carbon emissions and costs. The International Centre for Responsible Tourism – Australia has submitted its 2019 activity report to the One Planet initiative run by United Nations Environment Programme. The following summarises the report for 2019 highlighting several key successes and learnings. […]

Industry Reports Technology

The Green Ceiling

Savings that are early ‘low hanging fruit’ hid the challenges on longer time savings Christopher Warren, Progamme Director, My Green Butler Tourist accommodation has three primary focus areas for resource management: design & technology, management practices and customer behaviour. Design & technology and management practices have been the primary area of activity with only low […]

Energy Guests

Beyond Mr and Mrs Average

Guest use of resources represents a very important opportunity for reducing resource use and emissions as they can consume 40-50% of a hotel’s water and use high levels of energy (a/c, lights) 1/2, in self-contained accommodation they would account for almost all the resource use. In other words guest behaviour has a significant impact on energy and water consumption and may actually represent a key channel for tourism to reduce its footprint.