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Hospitably firms save 12-30% energy through conserving behaviours: 2019 UNEP One Planet Programme report

Implementing conserving resource strategies is proving to be a sound approach to reducing carbon emissions and costs. The International Centre for Responsible Tourism – Australia has submitted its 2019 activity report to the One Planet initiative run by United Nations Environment Programme. The following summarises the report for 2019 highlighting several key successes and learnings. These include:

1. Ten tourist accommodation properties have deployed My Green Butler’s platform and received staff training. These sites include micro, medium and large companies offering hotels, lodges, apartments and B&Bs, demonstrating the solution’s flexibility:

  • Amora Jamison Hotel Sydney – NSW Australia
  • Crystal Creek Meadows – NSW Australia
  • Disneyland Paris (2 sites) – Chessy, France
  • Inverlock Glamping Company, Victoria, Australia
  • Jetty Road Retreat – Victoria, Australia
  • Langdale Leisure Group – Cumbria, United Kingdom
  • Reefman Arts estate – Victoria, Australia
  • Swan Cove – Victoria, Australia
  • Thorney How – Cumbria, United Kingdom

2. My Green Butler is being used to measure a range of resources including: electricity, solar, gas, biomass, water, food waste and laundry. Auditing consumption whilst applying My Green Butler through 2019 indicated several benefits:

  • Guest direct energy use saving by 12-33% electricity and 18-20% gas
  • Carbon reductions are achievable saving for example 2 tonnes of carbon per annum per time share lodge
  • 18% housekeeping energy use between check-out and check-in
  • Up to 4°C public space overnight heating saving significant energy
  • Natural ventilation and advice to guests can save 1°C average hourly heating/cooling
  • Frequent persuasive communication can help managers refine energy management beyond automated systems
  • Increase guest stay satisfaction is reported through ‘sharing of values’

3. We can also report further high-level commitments as My Green Butler has been successful to receive a prestigious Australian Research Council ‘Discovery Grant’ by collaborating with Griffith University (Australia) and Surrey University (United Kingdom). This significant grant enables us to work with leading scientists to research the opportunities for conserving resources within ‘real world’ commercial environments. The project team will be able to share findings from the research and contribute to a wider understanding of how service industries can involve their customers in reducing their footprints. My Green Butler is proud to have been chosen as a partner in this study at a time when mankind is under intense pressure to reduce emissions while tourism faces the challenge of 7% year on year growth, increasing water scarcity and rising energy costs and public expectations.

As a One Planet partner the ICRT submits an annual report summarising progress on collaborations, impacts and learnings from deploying My Green Butler at hospitality firms. Further details of this initiative can be found at the One Planet UNEP website.

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Christopher Warren