A competitive company today must go beyond reporting sustainability performance, it must demonstrate improved results.

Fund managers, journalists, influencers and stakeholders are comparing listed companies and large private businesses line by line with their competitors to spot the green leaders and laggards.

Much more
than compliance reporting

New corporate travel accounts will be won or lost, funds raised or not, and market value improved or shrunk based on a hospitality company’s sustainability impacts and how they trend. As a manager or owner, you now must demand more than compliance reporting – you must demonstrate continuous progress 

Impact examples

The follow impacts are a brief example of our combined services’ scope. They improve operational efficiencies, increase conserving efforts, boost employee and supplier sustainability literacy, and direct benefits to the community and nature.

Climate Action




Customer Testimonials

“Guests have really enjoyed receiving My Green Butler and it has increased our guests’ reviews. I think it has been particularly helpful in promoting practical ways guests can keep cool or warm without using lots of energy, helping us to reduce carbon further. We’ve seen bookings rise, revenue rise, while our footprint has dropped. It really has helped us become transparently more sustainable and successful.”
Sophie Ewin
Owner, Crystal Creek Meadows
“My Green Butler opened our eyes to an alternative approach to climate change action. By providing a potent demonstration of our commitment to changing our behaviour as a business, and at the same time introduces the guest to simple ideas they can adopt whilst on holiday but which they may also adopt when returning home. Through a quiet, experiential lesson, we can open the eyes of people to things we can all do to help reduce carbon.”
Nick Lancaster
MD Langdale Leisure Ltd (until 2019)