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Waste Prevention – the WISE way to cut costs and carbon emissions

Waste is a major problem for hospitality because unlike other carbon emissions categories, waste is primarily driven by human behaviours and so technologies alone cannot solve the challenge. People often focus on reducing waste by looking at how best to dispose of waste i.e., to recycle. But this still traps waste within your operations and costs money! There can be a better way to cut waste from the start…

Carbon Industry Reports

Sustainable tourism can lead the charge for systemic change

Extreme weather events are not abstract, faraway issues. They are in the here and now, with devastating effects on health, wellbeing, and the economy. Although a global trend, in many ways Australia is bearing the brunt. We’re the canary in the coal mine. We all experienced the devastation of bushfires last year (not for the first time) and according to the Climate Council extreme weather could soon be costing the country’s economy $100 billion a year.

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