Evidence-based Verification


WISE Sustainability provides independent Evidence-based Verification.

This means we have not assumed results from generalities but derived a conclusion from empirical means at your property.

Our analysis generates secondary data that provides insights to drive continuous progress and competitive advantages.

What does Evidence-based mean?

It refers to the fact that the data we gather and assess, when given to another scientist, would lead them to form the same conclusions. 

Benefits of Evidence-based Verification

Real-time, not "moment-in-time"

What makes WISE Sustainability’s verification advantageous is that we process data on a high granularity level, compute nexus of consumption, pollution, wastage, cost, and other variables in real-time.

We can even verify results of individual projects. Enabling you to take immediate course correction if required, identify important efficiency/conserving operational improvements, and develop new service opportunities.

This is not the case with single annual or monthly ‘moment-in-time’ checks where the richness of data is lost in bland total sums leaving new opportunities to improve performance remaining invisible.

As hospitality experts WISE Sustainability independently verifies the following:

Our Methodology

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WISE Surety & Data Protection

Our auditing includes sample testing and cross checks with meters, bills and manual entries
so you can be reassured the data is transparently factual and protected.


Data protection at WISE Sustainability complies with GDPR and is ensured through advanced encryption and secure AWS servers, providing robust security and privacy for all user data.


Our client’s may choose to have their data on a dedicated independent server held in the European Union, or other derestriction, for increased data protection.


For ultimate protection, a client can choose that no data is exported outside their business footprint and not stored in our cloud. In this case we provide a localised hub service.