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My Green Butler’s Paper(less) Boy: Australian Budget Carbon Commitments, Arabian Travel Market, and Integrations

Australian Federal Budget Commits to Carbon Emissions Reductions

The Budget announcements of the 9th of May see the Australian government allocating billions of dollars to new and existing renewable and sustainability tech, research, and investments to reduce businesses carbon emissions. Several agencies (Net Zero Authority, Environmental Protection Australia, and Environment Information Australia) are being created to inform, guide, and strengthen laws on the matter. 

One revamped policy is the Safeguard Mechanism, which sets targets for the country’s largest 215 polluters to cut or offset their emissions by nearly 5% per year, to reach Australia’s 2030 goal of 43% reductions. Source: (

Slowly, but surely, change is happening in the country which previously had a coal-toting prime-minister. Whilst Australia is behind much of the world in this domain, these changes demonstrate that mandatory reporting is right around the corner… (

Dr Christopher Warren as a panellist at the 2023 Arabian Travel Market

The start of May saw Dr Christopher Warren, founder of My Green Butler as a join other tourism leaders on a panel presenting to the Arabian Travel Market, this year in the UAE’s Dubai, discussing how to create Responsible Hospitality for a Better World.

Dr Warren, founder of My Green Butler, addressed the need to focus on social sustainability and in particular certain UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as key to drive environmental results, “you might have energy and water saving targets but these are very much harder to achieve when you don’t include the SDGs of Decent Work, Gender Equality and Protecting the Oceans and Land.” Christopher said that staff must be motivated beyond the hotel’s eco savings if they are to play their part in helping properties achieve continuous progress, “demonstrably caring for your staff is a sure way to have them on board to make savings everyday as our data proves”.

My Green Butler + RMS Integration

The ever-hardworking development team here at My Green Butler have recently completed the integration with world leading property management software, RMS! One of our clients is already reaping the benefits of this, with all their booking information, past and present, automatically being uploaded to My Green Butler. Our service and butlers become smarter every day!

Integrations with software like RMS ensure that every guest is provided with their own personalised Green Butler service, with no staff work required. My Green Butler currently has integrations with Satin Software, RMS, and building management systems, and integrations with SiteMinder and HART are underway. 

If you’re a hospitality software company or your accommodation uses a platform you would like to see integrated with My Green Butler, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via .


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