Immediate and automated for compliance, investors or corporate clients.

  • Live Dashboard shows real-time resource usage, emissions and financial savings 24/7
  • Customisable weekly scorecards to management report up-to-the-minute data
  • Interconnected software incorporates data from multiple sources with ease
  • Easily produce annual audits compliant with Internationally recognised GHG Protocol and ISO 14041-1 standards
Carbon Footprint Chart Analysis
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Sustainability audits compliant with international standards

Compliance standards for accommodation businesses are still evolving. We stay ahead of them. Our automatically generated reports are guaranteed to meet International best practices and country specific-requirements.
Compliance with peace of mind for accommodation providers.


Consultations for all your sustainability needs

Show your sustainability credentials with ease. Simply press a button on your Dashboard to print a report showing potential investors you are an ethical investment and corporate clients that you meet their sustainability policies for travel
You’re taking action to reduce your carbon footprint. Our software lets you show it.

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