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Drastically cut the carbon to meet your group and government requirements,
and exceed corporate and guest expectations (and help save the planet!)

An average 400 room hotel spends AUD $50,000 / month on electricity. Using My Green Butler, you’d save $16,000.

From lodges, to apartments, whole hotels, and (probably) even submarines, we can help (almost) anyone, anywhere.

Resource auditing can take tens to hundreds of hours. Soon, you’d do it in seconds.

We continuously save your costs,
carbon, resources, and time

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We continuously save your costs,
carbon, resources, and time

My Green Butler utilises live resource data collected from traditional means, like your existing utility provider and BMS, or with meters and sensors, or even manually entered (so you could even start today…) to guide on the best actions for staff and guests to take to keep comfortable, make the best use of their day, make savings, and help cut their consumption.

We use persuasion, behaviour economics, and gamification (don’t forget the butlers!) to reward good behaviour with good feelings. Intrinsic motivators help keep people connected to the cause of sustainability and group action, extrinsic motivators are sprinkled throughout to help keep some people engaged, and other charms are meticulously sprinkled throughout.

Our web-app is easily and freely accessible to all, on mobile, tablet, TV, computer, and even printed format.