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Our founder, Dr. Chris Warren, and his partner tried all the certifications, consultations, and technologies available to reduce the carbon footprint of their accommodation venue. But something was missing. That something was people – the heart and soul of hospitality. With this key, guest engagement, and a Ph.D. in Innovation for sustainable hospitality, Dr. Warren and his team transformed their venue into one of Australia’s first responsible tourism accommodation businesses. Now, WISE Sustainability shares this transformative message and supports other accommodation providers on their sustainability journey. We know the journey towards sustainability isn’t always linear and that recommendations and reports don’t action themselves. So, we went further and got practical. Our patented guest experience app was recognized by the UN for its value to sustainable tourism and continues to engage and impress guests at client venues across Australia and Europe. Together, our actions will power the way to a greener and more sustainable hospitality industry.

Putting people at the
heart of sustainability

Our mission is to help as many accommodation venues as possible move towards having a positive environmental impact. That includes sharing our message about the importance of guest and staff participation as widely as possible. We believe in it so much that Dr Christopher Warren has shared many of our secrets for carbon (and cost) savings in his book How to Create Sustainable Hospitality: A handbook for guest participation. His proven methods alone can save your business over 38% giving you a competitive advantage you can’t afford to ignore.

Actively involving our guests is essential now to protect nature and to take part in this time of great transitions. Christopher’s book is practical and innovative. Apply these ideas and you will see guests enjoying helping your business by interacting with employees in a new way, making significant savings and reducing the destruction of our natural resources.

Nicole Ouimet
Previously Environmental Manager Disneyland Paris

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